Friday, March 4, 2011

#25 - "You've been forewarned of the shake-shakedown."

Day #25 - Put your ipod on shuffle and give the first 10 songs....

Now, I know some of you may have been anxiously awaiting this one, but I should warn those who may or may not be let down, that my iPod is very (take that to mean ridiculously) eclectic. Take that to mean there is everything on it....including some very choice guilty pleasures and songs that are so ridiculous they are simply there for certain moments.

1. "Lowell, MA" - Death Cab for Cutie: the title of this post also comes from this song. Death Cab can always take you to a special place. I'd like to thank Seth Cohen and my old roommate for this one.

2. "56 Barz" - T.I.: T.I. reminds me of how I am more hood than sweatshirt. Ha. Definitely, one of my favorite rappers to listen to and it just so happens he mentions my favorite rapper in this track. Props to Andre 3000.

3. "Henry Nearly Killed Me (It's a Shame) - Ray LaMontagne: Not LaMontagne's finest achievement, but this man is one heck of an artist to listen to. "Til the Sun Turns Black," "Three More Days," are great, but "Hold You in My Arms" is his greatest achievement. Meg and I have a few great memories that involve that song.

4. "A Box Full of Sharp Objects" - The Used: People can say what they will about The Used and I will mostly agree with most of their arguments, but this album cannot be debated. Harsh, unrelenting, and honest; this album is wonderful. I love this song and I particularly love "Blue and Yellow."

5. "You're Trailing Yourself" - Kevin Devine: Relevantly unknown to the masses, Kevin Devine is one helluva songwriter and a super nice guy (I met him at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH and he talked my ear off). Don't believe me? Look at this line, "The sputter and blink, a streetlamp / Makes you taller then shrink." Beautifully poetic.

6. "We're Going to Hell" - Cursive: Great lyricists. A bit dark, but great nonetheless.

7. "Non-Zero Possibility" - At the Drive-In: American post-hardcore at its' absolute finest. Two of these men went on to form The Mars Volta. You can see their genius beginning to form on this album. Most people know them for "One Arm Scissor."

8. "Whenever" - Kid Cudi: Chill and smooth, that is the Kid.

9. "Pleasure and Pain" - Ben Harper: One of my all-time favorites. He was bound to show up considering I have all his albums on my iPod.

10. "I Got Your Money" - Ol' Dirty Bastard: "God made Dirt and Dirt'll bust ya ass." 'Nuff said.

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